Citizen Kid

Citizen Kid is a neighbourhood toy store in Hamilton, Ontario.

Citizen Kid store front showing outdoor signage and a-frame

Our mission is to expand the visual language of @citizenkidtoys in order to support the fun and joyful personality of the brand and apply the new visual assets to its marketing materials and e-commerce website.

Citizen Kid stickers on a water bottle


Citizen Kid is an independent, family-owned, neighbourhood toy store offering a unique shopping alternative to those looking for natural toys of quality, integrity, & lasting value.


New Visual Language

We expanded the visual language by designing new graphic assets with an updated colour palette. The aim is to make the brand a statement local shop in Hamilton to be known by its playful and fun characteristics.

A New E-commerce Website

We designed and developed a new e-commerce website in Shopify by using the new visual assets. The new website represents the brand’s personality while helping the Citizen Kid team to manage their product stock efficiently.

Taking inspiration from the coloured wooden blocks, we envisioned a fun and playful logo approach – targeting kids and also adults who still love to play like a kid.

We introduced a brand mascot influenced by the geometric shapes from the logo.

A personalized mascot that goes well with the brand voice allows easy identification of Citizen Kid in the community.

The pattern of Citizen Kid was inspired by the shapes from the logo – giving the feeling of scattered toy blocks on the floor.

Gift card and business card

Store Signages

Stickers and Decals

Print design and animated graphics for social media announcements

E-commerce website designed and developed in Shopify. – Visit the shop at