Bay Area Climate Change Council

BACCC is a collective of organisations advancing
climate action in Burlington and Hamilton Ontario.

Apollo 14 photography of the crescent light of earth rise

We have one planet to transform and restore.
Our brand development for @BayArea_Climate begins with a little perspective – a reminder of the pale blue dot we live on.


Designing the Bay Area Climate Change Council’s (BACCC) first brand identity, one that conveys the story of their mission: we only have a limited amount of time to restore the planet’s ecosystems and reach carbon zero by 2050.


Designing A New Visual Language

We designed a beautiful solution for the BACCC word mark and logo and expanded that symbol set into a visual language of colours and image collages for use in their digital marketing and future merchandise.

Designing A New Website

We designed and developed a new website to delight and inspire the community towards climate action change and increase audience awareness and participation in BACCC’s speaking engagements and ongoing work.

New word mark demonstrates the continual passage of time, evokes the “pale blue dot” view of our planet, and iconizes the memorable 3 C’s in the organisation’s acronym.

The word mark can be presented in two colour variations with a transitional hero image. The hero image supports the 3 iconic C’s in demonstrating transformation.

Plastic reduction merchandise

Plain canvas tote bag with the iconic 3 C’s in transitional colours and the BACCC horizontal logo printed on it.
Plain aluminium water canteen with the iconic 3 C’s in b;acl colours and the BACCC compact logo printed on it.

An accessibility compliant website and branded social media graphics for BACCC – Visit them at

Applying the branding to social media digital assets

Eventbrite Brand Page